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This website has been created to introduce you, new prospective members, and the community at large to Bowie Bonsai. Bowie Bonsai Club was organized in 1981 by Mr. Akey Hung. It is an old and well established bonsai club, meeting at 7:00PM on the last Monday of every month. Bowie Bonsai is located in Bowie, Maryland. Dead center on Rt. 50 between Washington D.C and Annapolis.

Bowie Bonsai is comprised of members ranging in all skill levels. The common thread between them all is a desire to participate in a top rate organization for those people who have a curiosity, love, and yes even an obsession for Bonsai.

The club focuses on teaching bonsai horticulture, training techniques, as well as the artistic aspects of bonsai. Meetings are comprised of workshops, demonstrations, discussion, and of course a chance to work on your own material. All this, with the occasional collection trip to a farm or nursery.
Bowie Bonsai belongs to a larger parent organization.
This association is Potomac Bonsai Association  / (aka PBA).Potomac Bonsai Association is an organization that for the last 36 years has supported bonsai education with its 12 affiliated clubs. PBA as well produces the monthly magazine Clippings, along with a spring bonsai show that highlights some great examples of bonsai. Vendors with their bonsai wear also participate. So, what does this all mean to you? That you and all the associated clubs have the backing and resources of one of the largest Bonsai associations on the east coast. If you are new to bonsai or a veteran artist all are welcome to join a truly unique and special club.

Be sure to get in touch to offer comments or join the ranks!

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